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Enhance Your Power

Enhance Your Power

Electrical Service Upgrade/Replacement

Upgrade or replace your home electrical services with McCarthy Electric and experience the difference in your power potential. Our team of highly skilled electricians will seamlessly enhance your electrical system, ensuring its efficiency and reliability.

An outdated electrical system in your house can lead to various issues that compromise safety, functionality, and convenience. One common problem is inadequate capacity, as older systems may struggle to handle the increased electrical demands of modern households. This can result in frequent circuit overloads or tripped breakers, particularly when multiple appliances are being used simultaneously.

Power Up Your Space

Electrical Panels

At McCarthy Electric, we offer a comprehensive range of main electrical service panel services.. Our technicians provide professional installation of main electrical service panels tailored to meet your specific power requirements and ensure the efficient distribution of electricity throughout your property.

If your current panel is outdated or undersized, we can upgrade or replace it to increase capacity, improve safety, and accommodate modern electrical demands. We offer expert circuit breaker installation and repair services to protect your electrical circuits from overloads and short circuits.

Power Up Your Space

Ready to Power Up?

Contact McCarthy Electric for a quote or consultation. Your electrical needs, our expertise.

Driving the Future

EV Chargers

Looking to energize your driving experience? Look no further. At McCarthy Electric, we are revolutionizing the way you charge your electric vehicle. With our cutting-edge Electric Vehicle Charging Stations installation, you can explore the future of eco-friendly and convenient charging—right at your home or business.

Why settle for traditional fueling methods when you can empower your drive with the latest in electric mobility? Our team of Tesla factory certified technicians ensures seamless installations that are both efficient and sustainable. And with our proud affiliation with Tesla Motors, you can trust that you’re getting the most advanced and future-ready solutions for your charging needs.

Driving the Future
Lights Out? Sparks Flying? We've Got You Covered.

Lights Out? Sparks Flying? We've Got You Covered.

Troubleshooting/Service Calls

Unlock the complexities of electrical systems with our refined approach to troubleshooting.

Our team navigates intricacies with precision, providing strategic solutions to resolve electrical challenges efficiently.

Trust McCarthy Electric to expertly troubleshoot and resolve your electrical issues. Contact us today to benefit from our precision, efficiency, and comprehensive approach in delivering enduring solutions.

Our Comprehensive Services

Certified Expertise

Our technicians undergo continuous training, ensuring the latest solutions for your needs.

24/7 Emergency Services

McCarthy Electric is here when you need us, day or night, for emergency electrical services.

Tesla-Certified Partnership

Proud partners with Tesla Motors, ensuring cutting-edge solutions for electric vehicle charging.

Awards and Recognitions

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