Elevate Your Home's Safety and Efficiency: McCarthy Electric's Partial / Complete Home Rewiring Services

At McCarthy Electric, we specialize in transforming homes through comprehensive rewiring solutions. Whether a partial update or a complete overhaul, our expert electricians ensure your home’s wiring is functional and optimized for safety and efficiency.

Why Rewire Your Home?

Electrical systems’ age and wear and tear can compromise safety and performance over time. Rewiring becomes essential
to keep up with modern demands, enhance safety, and ensure your home is equipped for the future.

partial wiring installation

Partial Rewiring

Partial home rewiring focuses on specific areas or circuits within your home. This service addresses outdated wiring in high-use areas, ensuring they meet contemporary safety standards and performance requirements.

Complete Rewiring

For a comprehensive upgrade, our complete home rewiring service replaces the entire electrical system. This is a strategic investment that enhances safety and allows for the integration of advanced technologies, making your home future-ready.

Benefits of McCarthy Electric's Rewiring Services

Improved Efficiency

Modernize your home's electrical system for increased efficiency, reducing energy waste and lowering utility costs.


Position your home for the future by incorporating advanced technologies during rewiring, ensuring compatibility with evolving electrical needs.

Enhanced Safety

Protect your home and loved ones from electrical hazards by ensuring your wiring is up to code and meets the latest safety standards.

How It Works

McCarthy Electric's Rewiring Process


Detailed Assessment

Our process begins with thoroughly assessing your home’s current wiring. This allows us to identify areas that require attention and plan the most efficient rewiring solution.


Customized Rewiring Plan

Based on the assessment, we create a customized rewiring plan tailored to your home’s needs. This plan ensures optimal functionality, safety, and compliance with electrical codes.


Efficient Installation

Our skilled electricians execute the rewiring plan precisely and efficiently. We work systematically, minimizing disruption to your daily life while ensuring a seamless integration of the new electrical infrastructure.


Rigorous Testing and Quality Assurance

Prioritizing safety and functionality, we conduct rigorous testing to ensure that every aspect of the rewiring meets and exceeds industry standards. Your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities.


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