Main Electrical Service Panel

Your electrical service panel is more than just a switch—the backbone keeps your home running smoothly. From lighting up rooms to safeguarding against surges, it’s the unsung hero ensuring your home stays powered and safe.

Understanding Main Electrical Service Panels

The main service panel acts as the nerve center of your home’s electrical system. Serving as a switchboard, it receives incoming power from the utility company and efficiently distributes it to circuits supplying lights, outlets, appliances, and various devices throughout your house.

Empowered Precision: McCarthy Electric and Technologies' Mastery in Service Panel Installation and Maintenance

At McCarthy Electric, we specialize in installing, maintaining, and repairing Main Electrical Service Panels. Our experienced team ensures that your switchboard operates seamlessly, guaranteeing reliable and efficient power distribution to every corner of your home.

How It Works

Wired for Excellence: McCarthy Electric's Seamless Process
for Installing and Servicing Electric
Service Panels


Comprehensive Assessment

We begin by understanding your electrical needs and conducting a thorough assessment to determine the specifications for your main service panel.


Precise Installation

Our skilled technicians execute precise installations, ensuring your main service panel is seamlessly integrated into your electrical system.


Ongoing Maintenance

McCarthy Electric provides regular maintenance to keep your Panel in top-notch condition, preventing disruptions and ensuring continuous power distribution.

We have only amazing things to say about McCarthy. They completly re-wired our house, added extra features we wanted, and brought everything up to code, including a new electrical panel. We were able to add extra features to our home because they were so well-priced. From making appointments to paying, everything went very smoothly, and we would definitely recommend them to anyone needing any type of electrical work done.
A. Garcia

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