Warm Up Your Outdoor Living Space with McCarthy Electric’s Premium Patio Heaters

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Embrace the Outdoors Year-Round

There’s nothing quite like spending time outside, whether it’s enjoying a meal with loved ones or simply unwinding with a book after a long day. However, as the evening chill sets in, it often drives us back indoors. McCarthy Electric has the perfect solution: Infratech patio heaters. With reliable warmth at the flick of a switch, these premium heaters will keep you and your guests cozy all evening long.

Practical Comfort for All Seasons


Infratech patio heaters are designed to provide targeted warmth using advanced infrared technology, ensuring that heat reaches you directly rather than dissipating into the surrounding air. Here’s why they’re an excellent addition to your outdoor setup:

  • Energy Efficiency: Infratech heaters utilize cutting-edge technology to deliver efficient warmth without consuming excessive energy. You can enjoy a comfortable evening outdoors without worrying about skyrocketing energy bills.
  • Versatile Design: Available in various models, finishes, and installation configurations, these heaters can seamlessly integrate with your existing outdoor decor. Choose from ceiling-mounted, wall-mounted, or freestanding units, each offering an elegant, unobtrusive appearance.
  • Durable and Reliable: Constructed from high-quality materials, these heaters are built to withstand the elements, providing dependable warmth season after season.

Expert Installation by Licensed Electricians

A premium patio heater deserves a professional installation to ensure it operates safely and at peak performance. With McCarthy Electric, you’re in the hands of experts. Our licensed electricians are experienced in outdoor wiring and electrical installations, giving you peace of mind knowing the job is done right.

Here’s what to expect when you choose us for your installation:

  • Seamless Integration: Our team will install your patio heater in a way that complements your outdoor space. We’ll advise you on the ideal position for optimal coverage, considering aesthetics and practicality.
  • Custom Solutions: Every outdoor space is unique, and we understand that. We’ll tailor our installation to your specific needs, providing heating solutions that deliver the best results.
  • Safety First: As licensed electricians, safety is always our priority. Our installations meet all electrical and building codes, ensuring your heater is set up securely and operates reliably.

May Savings on Infratech Heaters

McCarthy Electric is offering a special 10% discount on Infratech patio heaters for a limited time throughout May. This exclusive promotion is your chance to invest in a practical, stylish addition to your backyard, patio, or deck without breaking the bank.

Your Next Steps to Warmth

Ready to transform your outdoor living space with the luxury of warmth and comfort? Let us guide you through the process:

  1. Schedule a Free Consultation: One of our experts will visit your home to evaluate your outdoor area and recommend the best heater models and configurations. This personalized approach ensures that you receive a solution perfectly suited to your space.
  2. Receive a Personalized Quote: After our consultation, you’ll receive a clear, comprehensive quote detailing the best heating options for your needs and budget.
  3. Claim Your 10% Discount: Take advantage of our exclusive May offer! Secure your patio heater installation and save big on your investment.

Trust McCarthy Electric for Quality and Reliability

When it comes to providing reliable heating solutions in Lynnwood, McCarthy Electric stands out as the trusted source. Our commitment to excellence in service and installation has made us the go-to provider for homeowners seeking professional and dependable assistance.

With our expert installation and Infratech’s premium heaters, you can look forward to a cozy, warm outdoor space for your gatherings, celebrations, or solitary moments of peace.

Secure Your Warm, Comfortable Patio Today

Don’t let chilly weather keep you from enjoying the beauty of your outdoor space. Contact McCarthy Electric at (425) 541-7112 to schedule your free consultation, receive a personalized quote, and claim your 10% discount on Infratech patio heaters.

Warm up your evenings and make every season an outdoor season with McCarthy Electric!