10% Off Generator Installation Special

Generation Installation Special

Protect Your Home and Save Big by McCarthy Electric

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Introduction to Home Power Needs and Savings

Understanding your home power requirements is crucial to ensuring your family stays comfortable and secure, especially during outages. By evaluating your energy consumption, you can identify the most efficient generator, saving on costs while providing peace of mind. Generators are not one-size-fits-all; selecting the right one can lead to significant long-term savings. Look out for our 10% off special to invest smartly in your home’s power needs without breaking the bank. Get ready to calculate and tackle your energy use head-on, and let McCarthy Electric help you power your world more affordably.

Why Every Home Should Consider a Generator

Power outages are more than inconvenient; they can be costly and dangerous. A generator is your safeguard against the unpredictable. It ensures:

  • Continuous Power Supply: Keep your lights on, fridge running, and devices charged during outages.
  • Safety: Prevent accidents in dark conditions and keep security systems operational.
  • Comfort: Maintain climate-controlled environments, avoiding heat or cold extremes.
  • Peace of Mind: Gain confidence that you’re prepared for emergencies.
  • Savings: Avoid spoiled food and other losses due to power failure.


Having a generator means you’ll stay comfortable, connected, and secure, no matter what the power grid does.

Exploring the Deal: Understanding the 10% Off Special

Welcome to an opportunity to enhance your home’s power stability and safety with McCarthy Electrics’ specially curated offers. These promotions are designed with your needs in mind, aiming to provide exceptional value while ensuring your residence remains powered and protected against unforeseen electrical disturbances.

✅ Secure a 10% Discount on Generator Installation

Take advantage of our limited-time offer and get 10% off on generator installation services at McCarthy Electric. Take advantage of this opportunity to ensure your home or business is prepared for unexpected power outages. With McCarthy Electrics generator installation services, your home will maintain its functionality and comfort, even in unexpected power disruptions. 

✅  Invest in Comprehensive Home Surge Protection for Qualified Panels

Beyond our generator installation services promotion, we introduce a special on Whole Home Surge Protectors for qualified panels. This essential device acts as a protective barrier for your electrical system, safeguarding your appliances and sensitive electronics from harmful voltage spikes. Investing in a Whole Home Surge Protector ensures the longevity and integrity of your valuable technology.

✅  5% Discount For Your Extensive Electrical Projects

McCarthy Electrics presents unique promotional offers if you’re considering larger electrical upgrades exceeding $2000. Whether upgrading your electrical panel, installing advanced lighting systems, or integrating a backup generator, our special pricing supports these significant enhancements to your home’s electrical infrastructure.

✅  Understanding Terms and Conditions

Our promotional offers are extended to you pending an onsite inspection to verify compatibility with your existing electrical panel. Some limitations may apply based on the specifics of your home’s electrical setup or location. Rest assured, our team is dedicated to finding personalized solutions that meet your individual requirements.

✅  Take the Next Step with McCarthy Electrics

You’re invited to take the first step towards fortifying your home’s electrical system. Contact McCarthy Electrics to explore our current promotions, schedule an onsite evaluation, or inquire further about our services. Our team of professionals is ready to assist you in achieving a secure, efficient, and well-powered home.

Conclusion: Act Now to Secure Your Home and Your Wallet

Don’t wait for the next power outage to leave you in the dark—or worse, with a damaged home and high costs. Your opportunity to save is here with McCarthy Electric’s 5% off generator installation services special. Investing in a reliable generator installation provider now means you’re not just protecting your home from unforeseen power disruptions. You’re also saving money upfront and in the long run. It’s peace of mind that pays for itself. Take control, save big, and ensure your home stays powered through any storm or emergency. Act now and safeguard your home and your wallet today!

Enhance your home’s electrical resilience with McCarthy Electrics, and enjoy the peace of mind that accompanies a robust and reliable energy solution. Contact us today to discover how we can cater to your electrical needs and uplift your home’s energy profile.


What does the 10% off special on generator installation include?

The 10% off special by McCarthy Electric includes a discount on the cost of installing a generator at your home or business. This offer is designed to make it more affordable to ensure your property remains powered during unexpected outages, enhancing your home’s power stability and safety.

A generator might be wise if you experience frequent power outages, have critical power needs (such as medical equipment), or simply want to ensure continuous power for comfort and security. Generators provide a continuous power supply, ensuring your lights, refrigeration, and climate control systems run smoothly during power disruptions.

Yes, McCarthy Electric can assist in evaluating your home’s power requirements to recommend the most efficient generator that suits your needs. This ensures you invest in a generator that provides enough power without overspending on an oversized unit.

Beyond generator installation, McCarthy Electric offers a special on Whole Home Surge Protectors for qualified panels to protect your appliances and electronics from voltage spikes. They also provide a 5% discount for extensive electrical projects over $2000, such as panel upgrades or advanced lighting systems.

The promotional offer is subject to an onsite inspection by McCarthy Electric to ensure compatibility with your existing electrical setup. There may be limitations based on the specifics of your home’s electrical system or location, but the team is committed to finding personalized solutions that meet your needs.